McAfee solution remediates advanced malware

McAfee announced an end-to-end solution to help organizations combat the increasing challenges of advanced malware.

McAfee goes beyond single-feature, static analysis sandboxing products to address all three key requirements needed to counter today’s stealthy threats: the ability to find advanced malware with the new McAfee Advanced Threat Defense appliance, the ability to freeze the threats with McAfee network solutions, and the ability to initiate a fix with McAfee Real Time.

Enterprises are struggling to meet the threat defense challenges facing them today. Malware is now more sophisticated and stealthy. Many organizations are relying on their legacy security products and waiting for additional advanced malware protections to be incorporated, thereby exposing their organization to malware threats. Or they are using standalone malware products and plugging in third party products that are not integrated with the rest of the environment.

While this may be expedient it is not a good strategy and can end up costing more money in the long run. Dealing with multiple contracts, multiple deployments, support headaches, development tasks, or paying a premium for connectors to enable the integration are just a few of the issues for organizations.

Advanced malware is a difficult problem facing organizations of all sizes,” said Pat Calhoun, general manager of network security at McAfee. “Detecting malware is only one piece of the whole solution. You also have to stop it from further infecting the network and remediate any infections. Difficult problems don’t require difficult solutions. McAfee combines superior threat detection with network and endpoint protection resulting in lower total cost of ownership for businesses.”

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Real Time are part of the McAfee Security Connected framework. Integration with network protection ultimately lowers the cost of training, implementation and ongoing maintenance. A centralized, multi-protocol malware analysis model eliminates appliance sprawl and eases integration with existing technology investments. Unlike standalone sandboxing products, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense layers full static code analysis on top of an advanced dynamic analysis engine for more cost effective, efficient and accurate detection.

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