Emulex releases appliance for cloud, security and mobile deployments

Emulex announced the new EndaceFlow 3040 NetFlow generator appliance, which is purpose-built for use with high-density 10GbE networks, generates 100 percent accurate NetFlows on up to four Ethernet links at speeds up to 10Gbps line rate.

As enterprises become more complex, NetOps and SecOps personnel are looking for new ways to improve their network visibility to ensure network security, guarantee performance of network-centric applications and to verify compliance with SLAs. Existing 10GbE NetFlow generators only provide sampled data on 10GbE links, as do switches and routers that are capable of generating NetFlow.

Additionally, NetFlow generation on switches and routers significantly impacts their performance, especially during denial-of-service attacks. These sampled NetFlows don’t provide the visibility necessary to resolve critical network issues. By providing unsampled NetFlows, the EndaceFlow 3040 provides complete visibility in 10GbE networking environments.

By providing 100 percent NetFlow generation, new threats to network security and performance can more easily be detected, identified and resolved – resulting in the detection of a wider range of network anomalies and intrusions in the security operations space and the identification of network choke points that impact application performance – and can be further treated with packet-based network recording and analysis tools.

The Emulex EndaceFlow 3040 delivers network visibility through the unique combination of the following features and capabilities:

Extreme performance: The EndaceFlow 3040 provides complete full-stream flow visibility at 10Gbps over any combination of IPv4 and IPv6-based networks with up to 30Gbps of flow generation and a total active flow cache size of 64 million.

Custom filtering: The EndaceFlow 3040 supports up to 120 filters across four collectors for load balancing flow records across multiple collectors, enabling users to customize exports to gain visibility of specific networks within the data center.

Advanced Hash Load Balancing (HLB): The advanced HLB feature of the EndaceFlow 3040 minimizes manual configuration with flow safe load balancing, reducing OPEX.

Ease of integration: The EndaceFlow 3040 supports V5 (IPv4), V9 (IPv6) and Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) flow formats and a broad range of fields, allowing the EndaceFlow 3040 to seamlessly integrate with any NetFlow collector in the market.

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