Bogus Facebook “Look Back” video pages spread malware

If you are a regular Facebook user, chances are good that you have already watched a couple of “Look Back” videos compiled by your friends. Maybe you have even considered making one yourself and sharing it with them.

If you have, please be careful – scammers have decided to exploit the popularity of the tool released to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Facebook’s creation, and have created websites spoofing the legitimate one.

The look of the spoofed pages is practically identical to the original one, but you can tell that they are bogus as the URL indicates that they are hosted on a site outside of Facebook.

These pages are malicious, as they ask users to download a file in order to create the video, and the served file is a piece of malware, says Cyberwarzone.

This tactic may change with time, and targets could also be asked to install a rogue Facebook app that will harvest their information and use their account to spread word of the scam.

If you have fallen for this trick and you think you might have installed malware on your computer, download an AV solution and scan your system.

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