SolarWinds enhances its Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds announced further enhancements to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) that offer the robust network performance monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities available in “Big Four’ enterprise software, but at an affordable, unique-to-industry price.

“SolarWinds focuses on developing products that solve the everyday needs of all IT Professionals – most of whom don’t have deep pockets or time to spare installing or configuring software,” said Chris LaPoint, VP Product Management, SolarWinds.

“And as technology advances and networks grow increasingly complex, SolarWinds must preserve our long-standing tradition of providing the powerful capabilities of enterprise-level software you might see in expensive “Big Four’ software, but without the need for professional services and at a price that nearly any organization can afford,” LaPoint added.

SolarWinds NPM has added new baseline threshold calculating functionality, providing the deep visibility and advanced analytics not previously available to network administrators at such a price. Other features SolarWinds NPM was previously first to introduce to the market for a low cost include enterprise-level wireless support for LAN controllers and thin access points, monitoring for major routing protocols including OSPF and BGP, and a high-availability Failover Engine, all of which have differentiated SolarWinds NPM as an uniquely powerful, yet affordable, network monitoring solution.

New SolarWinds NPM features:

  • Dynamic baseline threshold calculation defines critical network device thresholds based on historical network performance data, enabling users to configure alerts simply and accurately. It automatically gathers baseline data for specified time intervals (weekly or daily) to determine normal operating parameters and calculates thresholds with relevant alerts – good, warning, critical, or down – which allow IT Pros to quickly assess whether a device is up and performing poorly or is about to fail.
  • Custom NOC views provide the ability to easily configure and display real-time fault, performance, and availability dashboards tailored to the needs of a network operations center (NOC) of any size.
  • Dynamic customizable network mapping enables IT Pros to drag and drop network devices into network maps and automatically view real-time and color-coded link utilization for fully customized and detailed insight into network health beyond up-down status. The Network Weather Map’s dynamic link utilization helps IT Pros identify when the network is approaching critical thresholds so they can prevent network errors and downtime.
  • Enhancements to the universal device poller feature allow users to easily add a CPU and memory utilization chart in the SolarWinds NPM dashboard for additional uncommon devices, and includes those new device statistics in monitoring and reporting.
  • Support for additional routing protocols and added support for Ruckus and Motorola wireless controllers and devices enable broader network monitoring for IT Pros.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor pricing starts at $2,675 and includes the first year of maintenance.

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