GFI WirelessSentry brings Wi-Fi management to SMBs

GFI Software unveiled GFI WirelessSentry (GFI WiSe), a cloud-based solution designed to allow IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure their wireless networks.

GFI WiSe uses a lightweight sensor on a local machine near each access point, in conjunction with a web-based cloud management console. After deploying the sensor, it automatically identifies nearby wireless networks and access points, which can then be monitored and managed via a dashboard that can be accessed using a browser.

Features include:

Vendor and AP agnostic: There’s no need to replace existing access points, as GFI WiSe works with any existing hardware. As a result, costs are kept low and the need for forklift upgrades of equipment are eliminated, along with vendor lock-in.

Remote management of Wi-Fi networks: GFI WiSe’s cloud-based console makes networks accessible from virtually anywhere via a web-based console.

Wireless vulnerability assessment and detection: The GFI WiSe wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) enhances security by detecting threats and vulnerabilities, including rogue access points in and around an organization’s wireless network, alerting IT staff to their existence.

Bandwidth monitoring: GFI WiSe sensors monitor the wireless connections and traffic on the access point. Sensors poll into the web console on a configured interval over a secured connection. Upon check-in, the sensor sends updated device connection and usage information to the web console.

VIP Monitoring: GFI WiSe enables the ability to mark certain devices as “VIP.” This ensures admins receive instant alerts when those devices connect to the network, and indicates their location.

Real time alerts: GFI WiSe enables IT administrators and wireless network managers to monitor their networks via the dashboard. In addition, support staff can receive real-time alerts for critical and warning events via SMS or email.

“GFI WiSe is a vital tool for IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure their wireless estate,” said Sergio Galindo, general manager of the Infrastructure Business Unit at GFI Software. “Its monitoring capability helps reduce wireless network down time, its management capability enables users to manage wireless networks with multiple locations, and its security feature does everything from identifying rogue access points and detecting all client devices connecting to their wireless network to locating threats and vulnerabilities in client networks. It is a very simple and straightforward way for IT administrators to monitor and manage their networks at a very reasonable price point.”

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