Aversion to new Facebook News Feed could lead to scams

Facebook has been gradually rolling out a new, more simplified design for users’ News Feed for a while now.

It’s a given that some users won’t like the change, and may be tempted to search for a solution to revert to the old design, and the past has taught us that when many users express a need, cyber scammers will pretend to be able to fill it.

The last time that Facebook did a drastic change to the users’ profile – the hated “Timeline” – in 2012, cyber crooks set up a variety of scams that promised to remove it.

Gullible victims were tricked into sharing their login credentials, add information-stealing apps to their accounts and fill out surveys, and download malicious and scammy plugins.

Chances are, they are going to try the same and new tricks again, so be careful when faced with the offer to roll back the changes.

If you are interested in a legitimate way to do it, you could do worse than OldNewsFeed, a browser extension that allows you to revert to the old look. The add-on is currenlty available only for Firefox and Chrome, but versions for Safari and Internet Explorer will also be released soon.

Facebook is a helpful platform for staying in touch with family and friends, but its popularity makes is the perfect target for scammers. It’s wise to learn more about the various scams aimed at Facebook users and how to avoid them and limit the damage they make.

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