CoSoSys updates Endpoint Protector 4

At Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London today, CoSoSys updated the Endpoint Protector 4 platform, which provides IT administrators with improved Content Aware Protection policies on the management side, as well as the reporting side.

The new version also includes enhancements for the Mobile Device Management (MDM) module that will allow them to perform more advanced actions to better secure mobile devices and computers across multiple operating systems including OS X, iOS and Android.

Roman Foeckl, CEO and Founder of CoSoSys, comments: “Demand for IT services that can incorporate Macs onto their networks is at an all time high, and we are proud to offer not only the first Enforced Encryption for removable devices on Macs solution and the first Content Aware Protection solution for Macs, but now we are taking full advantage of the OS X offerings to make sure we are addressing data loss from all perspectives.”

For the Mobile Device Management module, updates include expanding support for Macs in the Endpoint Protector 4 platform to help businesses secure data on all endpoints. Macs are enrolled the same way as iOS devices are and features like Passcode Setting, File Vault 2 Full Disk Encryption, control of VPN, Mail and WiFi, as well as other features are available now for MacBooks and iMacs.

Endpoint Protector Version brings updates for the Android platform as well. Controlling Android devices can be done at a higher level, with more sophisticated functionalities. Mobile Application Management (MAM) is another key addition that has been requested by a significant number of customers and partners. Pushing apps to Android mobile devices is a priority for an increased number of companies, due to a better control of what employees use for work purposes derived from this feature.

Other actions that can be performed with this release include enabling encryption, activating/deactivating WiFi, Bluetooth and camera, visualizing/editing calendar events.

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