Top 4 strategies to mitigate cyber intrusions

Have you read the latest issue of our digital (IN)SECURE Magazine? If not, do it now.

In this podcast, recorded at Infosecurity Europe 2014, Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys, talks about the Top 4 Critical Security Controls to fend off attacks.

The Council on CyberSecurity has found that 85% of cyber attack techniques can be prevented by implementing the Top 4 controls. In order to verify whether your Windows PCs are implementing the Top 4 security controls, you can sign up for your free account here. The controls are:

1. Application Whitelisting – Only allow approved software to run.
2. Application Patching – Keep apps, plug-ins and other software up to date.
3. OS Patching – Keep operating systems current with the latest fixes.
4. Minimize Administrative Privileges – Prevent malicious software from making silent changes.

Listen to the podcast here.

Learn more by reading the Laws of Vulnerabilities blog by Qualys.