“Your Photos Are being Used” phishing scam targeting Facebook users

Another day, another Facebook phishing scam. This one comes in the form of a warning sent by a friend: “OMG YOUR PHOTOS ARE BEING USED ON THIS SITE.”

The victim, worried that their photos are being used for something unsavory (e.g. promoting an adult content website) follow the link and land on a bizarre Tumblr spam blog, but are almost immediately redirected via JavaScript to a fake Facebook login page.

They are instructed to log into the social network in order to see the page (and the photos), but those that do will only forward their login credentials to the criminals behind the scheme.

“Any urgent-sounding messages sent your way which suggest imminent personal embarrassment of some description should be treated with healthy skepticism,” TEXTinstructs Malwarebytes’ Chris Boyd.

If you have fallen for this or a similar scam, change your password immediately. If your account has already been hijacked, report the fact and let Facebook help you regain control of it.

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