IoT privacy tech working group announced

TRUSTe formed a multi-stakeholder IoT Privacy Tech Working Group to identify the technical standards and best practices necessary to help enhance consumer privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The goal of this Working Group is to evaluate the current technical standards and specifications impacted by the IoT and identify which standards bodies and consortia are appropriate to continue the detailed development of solutions to protect user privacy in this next evolution of data driven devices and services.

Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe said:

“This multi-stakeholder working group is the bridge from the important discussions we’ve had at the Summit to where the detailed work begins to draw up technical standards to help companies develop the privacy solutions that are needed to protect consumer privacy in the Internet of Things. It is a crucial next step to bring a like-minded and highly motivated group of experts back around the table to determine what infrastructure the IoT must support to protect Privacy.

“We welcome the initial support of some of our Summit event partners including the Center for Democracy & Technology, the Future of Privacy Forum and the Online Trust Alliance and call on the wider community with expertise in this area to join us in this important endeavor.”

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy & Technology said:

“As the Internet of Things increasingly becomes part of our daily lives, privacy is a key element which standards must support. CDT has a long history of public interest work in support of digital rights in technical standards, and we are pleased to work with TRUSTe and its partners in this effort.”

Christopher Wolf, Founder and Co-Chair of the Future of Privacy Forum said:

“The conversation that began today at the IoT Privacy Summit was an important first step in the creation of standards that will promote IoT privacy for all. The Future of Privacy Forum welcomes the opportunity to join as initial partners in the Tech Working Group and we look forward to other key parties joining so this can truly be a cross-industry initiative.”

Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President, Online Trust Alliance said:

“Multi-stakeholder approaches driven by industry and business are key to enhance online trust, promote innovation and the vitality of online services. This working group will work to address the mounting security and privacy concerns, while promoting transparency and user controls. As a facilitator of such efforts, OTA looks forward to working with TRUSTe and other leading organizations.”

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