McAfee Next Generation Firewall integrates with key technologies

McAfee, part of Intel Security, announced the latest release of McAfee Next Generation Firewall, which now integrates with several key McAfee solutions and technologies, offering businesses and government agencies an ever-expanding ecosystem of threat defenses.

Important new integrations with the McAfee Security Connected framework provide McAfee Next Generation Firewall customers with layered protection against the latest threats and evasions, along with improved workflows and operational efficiencies.

“Earlier this year, McAfee outlined our game-changing approach to strengthening network security through a powerful combination of integrated technologies,” said Pat Calhoun, general manager of network security at McAfee, part of Intel Security. “This release represents another significant milestone in bringing that strategy to fruition and further empowers our customers with the tools they need to outmaneuver attackers with even greater ease and precision.”

Utilizing actionable endpoint information from McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee Next Generation Firewall customers will now see operational efficiency benefits with valuable insights into endpoint security postures and simplified administrative workflows when investigating incidents.

Integration with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager improves security posture, reduces event response times, and enables continuous monitoring and alerting of compliance status. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense integration provides real time protection against rapidly mutating malware and zero-day attacks. And lastly, reputation intelligence from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence enables McAfee Next Generation Firewall to provide superior protection against globally active advanced threats and malware.

“Today our customers require network security solutions that can keep pace with the way advanced attacks are now orchestrated, all with minimal complexity and an affordable price tag,” said Neil Campbell, Group General Manager, Security at Dimension Data. “With its Security Connected framework, McAfee is aiming to address each of these requirements as it brings its entire ecosystem of security technologies together and now incorporates a true next generation firewall.”

McAfee Next Generation Firewall protects enterprise networks with “intelligence aware” security supported by real-time updates from McAfee’s Security Connected ecosystem. This enables McAfee to deliver a defense against evasions, along with complete next generation firewall protections “when and where you need it” – remote sites, branch offices, data centers and the network edge.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall starts with a solid foundation of protections including granular application control, intrusion prevention system, built-in virtual private network and deep packet inspection – all in an efficient, extensible and highly scalable unified design. Then McAfee adds powerful anti-evasion technologies that decode and normalize network traffic – before inspection and across all protocol layers – in order to expose and block the most advanced attack methods.

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