Security issues in collaboration platforms

CipherPoint revealed the results of its second annual survey on security issues in collaboration platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Google Apps.

CipherPoint performs this survey each year in order to provide insight into the unique security challenges associated with securing information in platforms that are specifically intended for making information broadly accessible.

According to the report, security continues to be the largest issue preventing organizations from moving their critical content to the cloud, with unauthorized sharing and external attackers being the most commonly cited concerns.

Key findings include:

  • Security incidents and breaches have increased from 2013. This year, 54% of survey respondents have experienced at least one breach, up from 33% in the 2013 survey.
  • Only 28% of enterprises have scanned cloud collaboration sites for sensitive or compliance regulated information. This suggests that businesses are not aware of the level of security risk present in their collaboration systems.
  • 70% believe that security and compliance concerns continue to be an obstacle to adoption of Cloud platforms such as Office 365. This figure is up from 63% in 2013.
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