Secure remote file access challenges

While the majority of full-time employees access files remotely (89%), nearly three-quarters (73%) still do so via email, and less than a quarter (22%) are aware of a company-approved file-sharing system in their workplace, according to Soonr.

Nearly three out of four full-time employees (74%) report that it’s important to their work to be able to share files easily with coworkers, partners and customers. Yet, two out of three full-time employees (67%) still struggle with ensuring files across teams and organizations are up-to-date, a large jump from 26% in 2013. Other top concerns impacting employees include:

  • Accessing files anytime (48%)
  • Sharing large files (47%)
  • Organizing files (44%)
  • Working on documents while mobile (41%)
  • Securing corporate data (33%).

In an always-on era where work is conducted from the road via smartphone, or at an off-site meeting on a tablet, protecting sensitive internal and client or customer information is paramount to business success. Yet the fraction of full-time employees who feel challenged by securing corporate data is up to 33%, compared to 9% in 2013.

“With a full 59% of respondents feeling it is “important,’ or “very important,’ to be able to download or edit work files from a mobile device outside the office, addressing these concerns is paramount,” said Ahmet Tuncay, CEO of Soonr. “Solution providers can no longer rely on simple sync-and-share capabilities—employees need easy access to complete documents along with full editing capabilities under a range of conditions, even offline, in order to do their jobs efficiently.”

The study findings indicate varying demand for remote file access, along with industry-specific challenges with mobile workers. Across nine major industries surveyed, 85% of full-time employees have a business need to access files remotely.


  • Only 65% of full-time employees in this industry report working in the main office
  • More than half (55%) view anytime access to files and documents as important


  • 72% of employees have issues keeping everyone’s files up to date
  • Half (50 %) experience issues sharing large files with team members.


  • Despite the importance to their job role, 62% of sales professionals find it difficult to collaborate with others outside of their company
  • Nearly two out of five (38%) say being able to navigate the sales contract process quickly and edit paperwork remotely would make their job easier
  • Only 10% are aware of their company using a specified file-sharing service.


  • 45% of IT professionals see security for corporate data as a challenge
  • 58% have had trouble downloading large files
  • 52% strongly agree they’re concerned with the privacy and security of their files.


  • Corporate executive officers are most likely to prioritize file-sharing; 91% report using some kind of service
  • Repercussions: 40% have missed an important deadline due to being unable to access files remotely from a smartphone or tablet device; 30% report the same due to being unable to edit files remotely
  • 59% of IT pros strongly agree they’re concerned with maintaining the privacy and security of their files.
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