OpenDNS and IRISSCERT partner to fight security threats

OpenDNS announced a partnership with the Irish Reporting and Information Security Service (IRISSCERT), to provide threat intelligence about new and emerging threats.

IRISSCERT will use OpenDNS Investigate to alert and protect Irish businesses and other organizations from malicious domains that are hosting malware, phishing sites and botnet command-and-control (C&C) infrastructure. OpenDNS will use threat intelligence data shared by IRISSCERT to support its ongoing research into malicious online activity around the world.

“Visibility into emerging threats, as they are being staged, is a critical first step in staying ahead of Internet attacks and limiting their damage,” said Andrew Hay, senior security research lead and evangelist at OpenDNS.

“IRISSCERT is committed to helping businesses and consumers better protect their information systems, and making Irish Internet space a safer environment for all,” said Brian Honan, founder of IRISSCERT and Help Net Security columnist.

“This partnership with OpenDNS will dramatically improve our ability to predict and head off emerging threats before they can cause widespread damage. Rather than having to rely on vendor reports that expose threats after the fact, OpenDNS lets us see the attacks as they happen.”

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