Hottest Snapchats scam spreads on Facebook

A spam campaign revealing the 10 Hottest Snapchats is a new entry to the long list of Facebook scams flooding the social network. Bitdefender’s Labs have now blacklisted dozens of fraudulent websites promising Snapchats and other leaked goodies.

The male-oriented campaign is promoted on websites with tags such as “TrendingUSA,’ “ViralTruck,’ “ViralDips,’ and “FunChoke.’ One such dubious website already registered over 75,000 Facebook likes and 4,771 Twitter followers.

In the last week, the Hottest Snapchats scam has reached the No. 2 spot in the most popular Facebook scams, after the omnipresent “check your top profile visitors.’ Users who fall victim to the Snapchat fraud are also susceptible to new baits such as “leaked work selfies’ and “sexy shoots of girls taken by her boyfriend.’

“Fraudulent websites promoting Snapchat leaks and other viral content could lead to identity fraud and financial losses,” warns Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Strategist at Bitdefender. “Victims are usually subscribed to money-making surveys and redirected to scams promising electronics or amazing diet pills. Bitdefender advises users to be suspicious of videos, Snapchats and pictures “leaked’ online, particularly on Facebook.”

Following the Emma Watson leaked Facebook video that delivered harmful trojans rather than nude images of the actress in 2014, tabloid-titled scams will continue to affect curious users throughout 2015. The Snapchat scam circulates with messages including “Welcome to new batch of Snapchat leaked;” “This girl removed her mask after 2 years;” and “What happened to her will leave you in a shock (21 photos).”

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