Fake face aging app steals Facebook login credentials

Offers for an app that can purportedly show you how you will look in 20 years have been recently popping up in Facebook users’ newsfeed and on their walls, occasionally even as an ad, luring them to a phishing page set up to harvest their Facebook login credentials.

According to OTA, the bait message sported a current picture of actress Katie Holmes and one in which she has been considerably aged (supposedly via the app):

The included link led to a fake Facebook login page, where the users where asked to sign in with their login credentials in order to access the app. Those who did had their credentials compromised by the phishers and probably had their Facebook accounts hijacked to spread the scam further and to use the account for other malicious purposes.

Luckily, the phishing page has already been taken down, but that’s poor consolation for those who fell for the scheme.

If you are one of those, and you still have access to your account, change the password immediately. If you have already been locked out, try to reset the password or report the account as compromised to Facebook.

This is also a good moment to consider setting up two factor authentication on your account.

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