Freeware tool helps monitor privileged accounts

Netwrix Effective Permissions Reporting Tool is a freeware solution designed to monitor privileged accounts by reporting on effective permissions in Active Directory and file shares.

The software helps IT professionals to see who has access to what, assess the performance of their security policies and detect insider misuse at early stage to minimize the risk of data breaches.

The tool collects individual employee or group permissions for accessing data across Active Directory domain or file servers. It also helps to detect excessive permissions and in case of malicious activity, allows drilling down into effective permission details for rapid investigation, thus preventing privilege abuse. The generated reports are valuable for both internal and compliance audits.

“Granting access rights to sensitive data is an inevitable need that allows employees to perform their duties, but unfortunately, human factor has always been one of the weakest links in the chain of cyber security,” said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. “Strengthening IT security is a question of both trust and control. Insiders are very hard to detect, which is why they are a nightmare for any organization. The release of Netwrix Effective Permissions Reporting Tool makes the challenge of preventing an inside job much easier, and being a freeware it is available for any company, no matter what size they are and how tight their budget is.”

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