BlackVault CYNR: Code and document signing appliance

Engage Black introduced the BlackVault CYNR security appliance at RSA Conference 2015. The BlackVault CYNR integrates a Layer 3+ Hardware Security Module (HSM) with application specific code-signing or document-signing functionality to simplify and improve the process of generating, managing and protecting digital signatures.

The appliance is configurable in one of two signing modes: software code or digital documents. As a code-signing appliance, it enables publishers concerned with the potential introduction of spyware, malware, etc. during code distribution to incorporate HSM protection into their code-signing process without the complexity of installing and operating general purpose Operating Systems and HSMs.

For digital signature authentication, the BlackVault CYNR gives legal, financial, real estate and other entities concerned about the cost and ease of forging digital signatures a high level of security within the digital signature process that is both easy to implement and use.

For code-signing applications, the BlackVault CYNR is a “plug-n-play” appliance that allows software developers to easily digitally sign and timestamp their software.

  • Up and running in minutes, authentication is performed directly at the BlackVault CYNR using its integrated touch screen display and smart card reader
  • Developers can load code via an integrated USB port and execute signing operations from the BlackVault CYNR’s touch screen display
  • Centralized code-signing applications are supported by a secure Ethernet port and integrated client application.

All cryptographic material and signatures are stored within the BlackVault CYNR’s highly secure HSM that includes:

  • Level 3+ tamper reactive cryptographic boundary
  • M of N quorum authentication
  • Key backup partitioning.

For document-signing, BlackVault CNYR provides an intuitive client interface making it easy to select the document to sign, create the public / private key pair (or select a previously existing key), and with a single click finish the signing process.

  • The digital signature along with its public key and certificate are included in the file in the appropriate document format
  • Behind the scenes, the integrated HSM creates, stores, and logs private key and digital signature information in highly secure Level 3+ tamper reactive hardware
  • Supports PDF, ZIP, Java Archive (JAR) and other document formats.

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