Secure dynamic perimeters in cloud and hybrid environments

Cryptzone unveiled its next-generation access control solution at the RSA Conference 2015. AppGate Secure Access is based on the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) model, which evolved from work done at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) under the Global Information Grid (GIG) Black Core Network initiative.

The solution makes the application/server infrastructure effectively “invisible.” It then delivers access to authorized resources only, verifying a number of user variables each session—including device posture and identity—before granting access to an application. Once the user logs out, the secure tunnel disappears.

Additionally, when a new device is on a public network, or a device that failed to log in tries to connect, additional security requirements (such as multi-factor authentication) can be enforced, or access can be denied.

With AppGate Secure Access, the full security posture—including device, location, time, group, configuration and more—are used by the policy engine to dynamically define access to applications. As AppGate Secure Access does not depend on a traditional network perimeter model or require specific hardware, it can be used across cloud and hybrid environments by leveraging software defined virtualization techniques.

Kurt Glazemakers, Senior VP of Product Strategy at Cryptzone, noted, “Starting with the premise of unlimited access, and then locking down an exploding number of applications on a case-by-case basis, no longer works. Sony, eBay and others have paid a heavy price when compromised credentials subsequently allowed access to valuable applications and data. AppGate Secure Access reverses the security model. By making the entire infrastructure invisible, and then delivering access when the user and device are authenticated—only for that specific session—Cryptzone is providing true agile security.”

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