Monitoring user activity in proprietary business-critical apps

Fortscale Security announced at RSA Conference 2015 that it’s extending its User Behavior Analytics (UBA) solution to offer visibility into user activity in proprietary business-critical applications.

With Fortscale, security analysts can pinpoint abnormal behavior throughout the enterprise, particularly within custom-built applications that, until now, could not be accessed by UBA solutions without extensive customization.

The company leverages User Behavior Analytics to detect bad actors operating within a network. It empowers security teams with easy-to-use investigation tools and intelligence to rapidly and accurately pinpoint risky, suspicious and malicious user activity.

Additionally, the Fortscale Analytics Engine has been calibrated to work with those customized and homegrown applications that have previously proven difficult to monitor and secure.

The Fortscale solution is already deployed in Fortune 1000 companies, analyzing more than 500,000 users worldwide across multiple verticals, including Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Retail, Media and E-commerce.

“More and more companies are facing security challenges with their proprietary business-critical applications. Many of these applications are not compatible with UBA solutions, leaving security teams looking to pinpoint malicious user activity in these applications with no User Behavioral Analytics tools,” said Idan Tendler, CEO & Co-Founder, Fortscale.

“Fortscale is the only User Behavior Analytics solution that works within these applications and provides the visibility and information needed to protect these crown jewels from being accessed and compromised.”

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