Casino installs new POS equipment while investigating potential data breach

A few days after Las Vegas’ Hard Rock casino revealed that it has been hit by carders, another US casino has started an internal investigation aimed at finding out whether they’ve also been successfully targeted.

The data breach is yet to be confirmed, but the management of the FireKeepers Casino and Hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan, has decided to share information they do have with its customers.

According to a statement published on their website, the initiated the investigation and called in independent IT forensic experts upon receiving several calls from guests that expressed concern about their bank or credit card statements.

Law enforcement has also been notified.

Despite still not having found evidence that POS devices used in the casino, hotel, restaurants and shops have been compromised, they decided to immediately install new point of sale equipment just in case.

They also pointed out that customers who used their payment cards on the company’s website or any of the ATMs at the casino and hotel are safe, because they are not part of the Firekeepers’ payment card processing system.

Until more information is to be had, the company is advising customers to keep a close lookout on their financial statements, and to report any suspicious transactions to their bank or payment card company. They also advised users to consider making credit bureaus place a “fraud alert” on their file.

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