Product spotlight: Targeted threat intelligence from Solutionary

As IT security threats have become more targeted to specific industries, organizations and even individuals, the need has arisen for threat intelligence that is tailored for individual organizations.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2015, Joseph Blankenship, Director of Marketing at Solutionary, talks about how they provide clients with advance, actionable intelligence to improve situational awareness, identify targeted threats and potentially avoid attacks altogether.

Unlike traditional threat intelligence feeds and automated tools, Solutionary Threat Advisors analyze the exploit information, converting it into enriched, actionable threat intelligence for each client. The service is geared toward individual client and Solutionary Priority Intelligence Requirements. This focus helps to make sure each client is getting valuable intelligence that is aligned with their priorities.

Solutionary Targeted Threat Intelligence allows clients to achieve greater situational awareness of the threat environment, helping them stay abreast of potential threats and threat actors.

With the global nature of security threats, SERT has multilingual analysts and pulls from information sources in over seven languages. Information from both the physical and cyber realms is considered for analysis.


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