Endpoint Protector gets integration with cloud storage apps

At Infosecurity Europe 2015, CoSoSys announced the development of Endpoint Protector 4 to include new integrations with Dropbox for Business and Box to strengthen data security policies and prevent data losses and theft through employee’s data transfers made to cloud-based storage applications.

Endpoint Protector 4 integration with Dropbox and Box offers Scanning Data in the Cloud, which is an important addition to existing features. Being able to scan content already saved in the cloud creates an additional layer of protection and remediation in case sensitive data gets on cloud storage.

Dropbox for Business API has been released with the clear objective of integration with third party security tools. The solution itself addresses enterprise users and their need for security.

Dropbox for Business differentiates from the consumer product through additional features like sharing audit logs, remote wipe, possibility to quarantine certain files just for work computers and other security features. For enterprise customers using the Endpoint Protector platform, administrators will gain better visibility for users’ actions related to data transfers and, in consequence, optimize the DLP policies. The integration with Dropbox will allow for data in transit to the cloud to be monitored from source to destination, providing even information about the owner of the Dropbox account.

With the same purpose of mitigating threats that come from the cloud storage and file sharing apps, businesses will be able to monitor data transfers to Box through Content Aware-Data Loss Prevention from Endpoint Protector.

To maintain Box’s ease-of-use and to ensure no confidential data gets in the cloud, IT administrators will have the ability of tracking and stopping data transfers through various criteria like File Type, Predefined Content (PII, Credit Card Numbers, etc.), Regular Expressions or Custom Content (keywords). The integration with Box API will provide additional features, like reporting and deleting of files that do not comply with the data security policy from the cloud storage.

“Data loss and data theft which happens through the cloud, especially through Dropbox, Box and other file sharing apps, will be addressed by Endpoint Protector at a more advanced level,” said Roman Foeckl, CEO of CoSoSys.” The recent moves by Dropbox underscore the growing concern by both large and small organizations alike regarding the use of cloud storage apps by their employees and the risk of losing enterprise customers if these risks could not be seriously addressed.”

The updates will be available in Q3 2015 through download from endpointprotector.com or through Live Update for existing customers.

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