Qualys announces free global asset inventory service

At Black Hat USA 2015, Qualys announced the availability of Qualys AssetView, a free cloud-based asset inventory service that enables companies to search for information on any IT asset where an agent is deployed, scaling to millions of assets for organizations of all sizes. Global IT assets can be searched in seconds and an up-to-date inventory continuously maintained.

Globalization, virtualization and mobile assets such as laptops and tablets are creating new endpoints on enterprise networks, making it more difficult than ever for organizations to know what IT assets exist in their environment and whether any security risks exist for those assets. In addition, hackers have found new opportunities to infiltrate organizations and access sensitive data.

IT teams are looking to move beyond traditional scanner-based approaches to efficiently tackle endpoint security, but are often challenged with getting full visibility and control of all IT assets needed to maintain security and compliance within their organization.

The availability of AssetView gives IT professionals a fast, actionable view of IT assets in their environment, enabling more effective management and security of endpoints. The service leverages the Qualys Cloud Agent Platform (CAP), a platform of lightweight agents that continuously assess and address security and compliance of IT assets in real time, whether on-premise, mobile or in the cloud.

“The increasing number of IT assets, explosion of endpoint devices and escalating threat landscape is dramatically complicating enterprise IT and security,” said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO for Qualys, Inc. “IT and Security professionals have the daunting task of ensuring that all assets are up-to-date, compliant and secure. With the release of AssetView, our free asset inventory service, we’re providing visibility into global IT assets and arming professionals with the information they need to keep those assets secure.”

Key features include:

Comprehensive, scalable and always up-to-date view of endpoints – The service provides a continuously updated inventory of asset details, scaling to millions of assets and making it appropriate for the largest enterprise environments. By leveraging the Qualys Cloud Platform, no expensive management infrastructure is required.

Minimal impact on systems and networks – The agent looks for changes from the previous state, minimizing impact to networks and systems. It runs in the background with little resource impact and keeps itself up-to-date with no need to reboot.

Fast, accurate and actionable data – AssetView provides a new layer of intelligence into the current state of endpoints, cataloging details about services, file systems and registries as well as a wealth of additional information to manage and secure systems.

Handles virtualized environments with ease – AssetView takes a unique approach in telling when a system is simply moving around on the network or if it’s been cloned such as in Virtual Environments. The service helps keep track of the constant proliferation of images inside and outside of the environment.

Extensible – AssetView and the Qualys Cloud Agent Platform are integrated with both Qualys Vulnerability Management and Qualys Policy Compliance, and are designed to grow with an expanding network.

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