DDoS protection service: Top vendors in the field

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have in the past been viewed mostly as a tool of online protest due to Anonymous’ obvious predilection for this service disruption technique, but have long stopped being just that.

Unfortunately, every company whose economic success relies on its online presence can be targeted by cyber crooks who are looking to make a quick buck – whether by blackmailing the firm into paying for stopping the attack, or by getting hired by its competition to take and keep down its websites.

Most of the time, companies don’t have the means, knowledge or the inclination to set up DDoS protection by themselves, but luckily for them there are businesses out there who offer the service.

Among the most prominent are:

Among the network security and monitoring solutions that Arbor Networks offers to its customers are also DNS infrastructure protection and in-cloud DDoS protection.

Deployed in the backbones of the largest networks in the world, its Peakflow solutions detect, mitigate and report on DDoS attacks. The solutions use a number of methods of attack detection and mitigation such as access control lists, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) black-hole routing, BGP flow-spec, attack fingerprint sharing, and offer support for other third-party packet scrubbing products.

BlockDos offers a number of DDoS protection plans – even custom ones – for every budget and website type, offers multiple locations for DDoS mitigation, high-speed border filtering, deep packet inspection to distinguish between spoofed and legitimate traffic, and more.

Besides operating two of the Internet’s thirteen root nameservers, being the authoritative registry for the a number of top-level domains and operating the back-end systems for several more, Verisign has also added DDoS mitigation, managed DNS and threat intelligence to its security offerings.

Verisign offers scalable cloud-based DDoS monitoring and mitigation services, 24×7 support, and integrates deep threat analysis from Verisign iDefense.

Rack911, a Linux server management, administration and security company, expanded its services beyond basic server hardening and troubleshooting into specialized areas of Linux server management, such as disaster recovery, PCI Data Security Standards and ecommerce management.

They also added DDoS Proxy Services to its offerings, helping in the mitigation of a variety of attacks, including TCP SYN/ACK Flood, UDP Packet Flood, HTTP GET Request Flood.

DOSarrest offers cloud-based DDoS mitigation services specifically designed to handle large and complex attacks. We service to a wide range of industries and can customize DDoS prevention packages towards your needs. Our proprietary technology used in our traffic cleansing nodes effectively filters and blocks IP addresses with malicious intent.

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