Upcoming trends in the SIEM market

AccelOps identified the need for a convergence of today’s disparate Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) departments, a shift to outsource to security service providers and a desire for tools that map and analyze network infrastructure from a single-pane-of-glass view into both network operations and security.

Businesses will push towards BAC (Business Analytics Center)

Proprietary customer and financial data and intellectual property are high-value targets for hackers. The challenge in protecting these targets will continue to grow as organizations become more reliant on business intelligence and analytics (Big Data) to dissect their various channels of customer engagement, workers and application productivity.

As organizations store this valuable data in onsite and offsite locations (or a variety of both), Big Data is seen as a big target. These rich and proprietary sources of corporate analytics will spawn new and additional targets for hackers. Current silo-based approaches will need to converge and merge with other business intelligence initiatives to provide more rapid identification and mitigation of risks.

Security will become an outside job

With the unprecedented benefits and growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the vast number of touch points connecting to the network, new challenges and unknown risks associated with these tools will continue to surface.

Unknown risks include network and resource utilization, performance expectations and resource needs, interoperability with current systems and tools and, above all else, security risks and challenges. As IT budgets shrink, organizations will increasingly look outside their perimeters to managed security service providers for expert help.

Organizations will do a 360

Consumers today have access to nearly infinite sources of information through the click of a mouse, resulting in a higher level of expectation for rapid answers from a variety of engagement channels. From websites to social media to mobile and multi-media, organizations are tasked with keeping up with customer demands from an ever-increasing set of “touch-points.” To that end, organizations will turn to tools that map and analyze a “360 view” of their customers’ journey and the respective “touch-points” throughout their organizations.

As this integrated security and performance management requirement transitions from a tactical IT expenditure-driven initiative to a mission-critical, strategic business initiative, the era of CIOs and CISOs reporting to CFOs will shift to stronger oversight by boards of directors and CEOs.

“Today’s dynamic, data-driven businesses have never been more at risk for security breaches and the potential for network performance issues. With digital transformation in full swing, the pace of change is only accelerating, and an organization’s ability to see into the network through solutions that provide a holistic, real-time view of the network is becoming more critical than ever,” said Tom Kelly, CEO at AccelOps.

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