DB Networks launches Layer 7 Database Sensor

DB Networks introduced a product that provides OEM partners with real-time deep protocol analysis of database traffic. By integrating this technology into their products, security OEMs can offer their customers visibility into data-tier cyber threats.

Layer 7 Database Sensor

With this launch, DB Networks enables OEM partners offering solutions such as Incident Response (IR) services, Breach Detection Systems (BDS), Data Leak Prevention (DLP), and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) products to integrate its patented database infrastructure security technology into their products for true full-spectrum security. In addition, the product provides OEMs with machine learning and behavioral analysis technology to immediately identify database attacks.

“We use DB Networks’ Layer 7 Database Sensor to complement our Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint products when conducting Compromise Assessments,” said Michael Buratowski, vice president of services at Fidelis Cybersecurity. “DB Networks helps us analyze database activity and usage patterns and identify malicious database activity for our customers.”

The Layer 7 Database Sensor integrated into OEM products offers deep protocol extraction and analysis that non-intrusively analyzes database queries in real-time. DB Networks’ database cybersecurity products enable OEMs’ customers for the first time to benefit from new insights and a situational awareness, including:

  • Non-intrusive discovery of all databases, including undocumented ones
  • Extraction and in-depth analysis of layer 7 activity in the data tier
  • Detailed insights into database interactions
  • Immediate identification of database attacks through machine learning and behavioral analysis.

“Today databases threats are largely opaque to SOC staff,” said DB Networks’ Chairman and CEO Brett Helm. “Our new Layer 7 Database Sensor’s ability to immediately identify data tier threats through deep protocol analysis and machine learning is being integrated into a variety of existing information security products. OEMs can now quickly enter the new era of machine learning and behavioral analysis-based information security without investing significant capital and time in the effort.”

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