CyberCalifornia initiative to facilitate research and innovation

More than ever, California stands at the forefront of new technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT). We are also increasingly vulnerable, a fact underscored by breaches of corporations and government agencies that have impacted millions across the nation.


Toward that end, a state-wide alliance of cyber security leaders, companies, educators and elected officials – CyberCalifornia – has been formed. The non-profit coalition will work closely with select representatives from government, industry and academia to accelerate the state’s standing as the industry’s epicenter of commercial cybersecurity.

CyberCalifornia will serve as the state’s primary point of contact for economic development and job creation efforts. The alliance has received an official endorsement from Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz).

Cybersecurity and economic vitality

The connection between cybersecurity and overall economic vitality is especially robust in California, given the state’s leadership position in so many advanced sectors. These sectors are highly dependent on technical cybersecurity solutions, skilled cybersecurity professionals, and collaborative processes in cybersecurity.

Indeed, companies that lack these cybersecurity assets risk losing sensitive company and customer data, putting them on a perilous path. By contrast, businesses that proactively incorporate cybersecurity into their research, product design, and workforce development plans can gain competitive advantages.

Given the inextricable link between cybersecurity and overall economic vitality, it is crucial that businesses, universities, and other collaborative assets throughout California work together to enhance the security of the state’s digital infrastructure.

“In today’s digital age, trust is imperative,” said Ryan Gillis, Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy at Palo Alto Networks. “We believe that with industry, government and education leaders working together to improve defenses against advanced cyber adversaries, we can affect positive change to build back the trust in our digital infrastructure.”

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