Linux security isn’t enough to stop data breaches

protect Linux setupsThere is a difference between the security of an operating system and the security of the data created, which is edited and manipulated by people and saved on the operating system. Human error and insider threats are some of the top causes for data loss, which can and do still occur even in a “secure” environment.

Add to this the most recently discovered Linux vulnerabilities, and it becomes clear that organizations need to take a second look at their current setups. In addition to serving as a warning, the Glibc vulnerability and the Linux Mint hack represent an indicator that Linux is gaining more popularity among users, as well as more attention from attackers.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2016, Angela Lepadatu, Marketing Coordinator at CoSoSys, talks about why organizations need to take further steps to protect Linux setups from data breaches.

Recently, CoSoSys released Endpoint Protector DLP for Linux, enabling protection against data leakages for confidential data on organization’s Linux workstations.

protect Linux setups

RSA Conference 2016

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