The end of TeslaCrypt: Master decryption key released

The operators of TeslaCrypt ransomware have decided to close up shop and have published a master key that decrypts the files encrypted by the malware. They also wrote that the project is closed and that they are sorry.

“Over the past few weeks, an analyst for ESET had noticed that the developers of TeslaCrypt have been slowly closing their doors, while their previous distributors have been switching over to distributing the CryptXXX ransomware,” explained Bleeping Computer’s Lawrence Abrams.

“When the ESET researcher realized what was happening, he took a shot in the dark and used the support chat on the Tesla payment site to ask if they would release the master TeslaCrypt decryption key. To his surprise and pleasure, they agreed to do so and posted it on their now defunct payment site.”

The company already created a decryption tool for files encrypted by TeslaCrypt versions 3.0 to 4.2, and provided instructions on how to use it.

ESET TeslaCrypt decryptor in action

Also, a programmer that goes by the online handle Bloody Dolly, who has previously created a TeslaDecoder tool, has updated it to decrypt files encrypted by these latest versions of the malware. Instructions for its use can be had here.

If you can’t tell whether you have been hit by TeslaCrypt or other ransomware, use the ID Ransomware service to find out.

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