Phineas Fisher records, publishes latest attack

Phineas Fisher, the hacker behing the Gamma International and Hacking Team breaches and data leaks, is at it again.

This time his target was Sindicat de Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan police union). He defaced the union’s website, plundered their web server, published personal information about police officers (including their badge numbers), and hijacked their Twitter account.

What’s more, he recorded his attack against the website and server and made the recording public, as a tutorial video aimed at inspiring other would-be hacktivists.

He has shared hacking instructions before, in April, when he published a thorough explanation of how he breached Hacking Team’s network, systems, and databases, along with the reasons for his hacks: fighting for social justice.

In this latest attack he targeted the police to protest their past extremely questionable and likely criminal behavior, the examples of which he published along the proofs of the hack.

Two weeks ago, Phineas Fisher ostensibly stole €10,000 in Bitcoin from yet unidentified victims and gave the sum to a crowdfunded project by Rojava, an autonomous region Syria he described as “one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today.”

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