Assess, build and improve security culture with CLTRe

Norwegian security startup CLTRe announced a new product series, enhancing its existing Saas offering, the Security Culture Toolkit. This new range consists of CLTRe Control, CLTRe Discover and CLTRe Improve, which provide customers with a suite of tools to assess, build and improve the security culture within their organization.


According to Gartner, 2.6 Billion USD is spent on security awareness training each year, across the globe. With this in mind, CLTRe highlights the value of metrics in building security awareness, and questions the true results gained from a “one size fits all” security training approach. Without an inward look into the specific activities of the business and its employee culture, how can any results be gained?

CLTRe believes it has the answer to this problem with its new product series providing a birds eye view of a business, with a detailed view of the real practices and interactions that influence security – social behaviours and customs, awareness and education, technology and management.

CLTRe Control

This is the central hub where the CSO or CIO learn about their company’s security culture, administer assessments, plan activities and distribute training content. They also have access to reports, trends and changes in the culture.

“When building and maintaining security culture, it is vital to have access to relevant information – information that answers questions like ‘How is the security training changing our culture?’, and ‘Which individuals behaviour enhance security culture in the organization?’ You may also want to know where to start, and to control the efforts,” says Kai Roer, CEO of CLTRe.

CLTRe Discover

At the core of the toolkit is the data collection process. Every employee receives an annual assessment that’s designed using social science principles. The assessment is unique in its ability to measure security culture: the ideas, customs and social behaviours that influence security. In only ten minutes per employee, the company get a complete overview of the current security culture pitfalls, strongholds and trends.

CLTRe Improve

By using each employee score from CLTRe Discover, CLTRe Improve automatically administers learning content that are adjusted to the security culture score of each employee. Instead of sending out weekly trainings with the exact same content to all employees, the CLTRe Improve takes the individual learner into account, thereby dramatically improving the training results.

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