Most are unable to control user activity in their IT infrastructure

A majority of organizations report that they lack visibility into their cloud infrastructure, file shares, user activity and mobile devices, greatly impacting data security and system uptime, according to Netwrix.

control user activity

The survey of 830 respondents, conducted by Netwrix in April and May 2016, was designed to identify the means organizations are using to gain visibility into IT infrastructures, understand whether they get a competitive advantage from their choices, and explore what challenges they might face in the future. The organizations surveyed operate in 30 industries worldwide and represent businesses of all sizes.

Key findings

  • Almost 65% of organizations do not have complete visibility into user, IT and third-party activity in their IT infrastructure
  • 75% of respondents have partial or no visibility into their cloud and hybrid IT environments
  • A strong majority of respondents (78%) are unaware or only partly aware of what is happening across their unstructured data and file storage
  • BYOD infrastructure is the most challenging area, with 83% of organizations reporting zero or only partial visibility into user personal devices
  • Almost 47% of respondents believe that the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures will make achieving visibility even more difficult in the future.

“Organizations around the globe show growing interest for ensuring visibility into IT infrastructure. In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, companies simply cannot foresee all possible cyber threats that could affect their data security and system uptime. Understanding what is happening in the IT infrastructure, including who or what causes malicious events, enables timely threat detection and prevents serious damage,” said Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix.

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