Global network shares phishing attack intelligence in real-time

IRONSCALES, a multi-layered phishing mitigation solution that combines human intelligence with machine learning, today announced the launch of Federation, a product that will automatically and anonymously share phishing attack intelligence with organizations worldwide.

phishing attack intelligence

“Instantaneous sharing of phishing attack intelligence will make it substantially easier for enterprises and organizations to consistently remain secure and in control,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES.

IRONSCALES’ employee-based intrusion prevention system is the first phishing solution with an automatic one-click mitigation response. This functionality makes it possible for IRONSCALES to expedite the time from attack to remediation from weeks to seconds, without ever needing the SOC team’s involvement.

IRONSCALES first challenges all users with a series of staged, real-world email attacks in order to evaluate their individual level of awareness. Based on an analysis of performance, a tailored phishing training campaign, using advanced simulation and gamification, is created to maximize individual awareness and responsiveness to social engineering techniques.

Once trained, vigilant employees, upon suspicion of a phishing attack, can trigger a real-time automated forensic review through the click of just one button, without requiring active SOC team participation.

Within minutes, forensics is completed, and an intrusion signature is sent directly to both endpoints, email servers and the SIEM, which then triggers an immediate enterprise-wide automatic mitigation response, such as quarantines, disabling of links and attachments, and even permanent removal of email, protecting the entire organization from the attack.

Important event information is then automatically and anonymously shared via Federation to ensure the same attack won’t hit any other company under IRONSCALES protection.

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