Photo gallery: Black Hat USA 2016 Arsenal

Black Hat USA 2016 is underway at Las Vegas, and here are a few photos from the Arsenal, where the open source community demonstrates tools they develop and use in their daily professions.

Lee Brotherston shows off FingerprinTLS, a tool that leverages TLS client fingerprinting techniques to passively identify clients realtime via a network tap or offline via pcap files:
Lee Brotherston shows off FingerprinTLS

Anant Shrivastava demonstrates AndroidTamer, a free and open source virtual/live environment for Android security testing:
Anant Shrivastava demonstrates AndroidTamer

Josh Sokol is presenting SimpleRisk, a simple and free tool to perform risk management activities:
Josh Sokol is presenting SimpleRisk

Security researcher Nikhil Mittal is presenting Nishang, a framework that enables PowerShell usage for offensive security, penetration testing and red teaming:
Nikhil Mittal is presenting Nishang

Jason Haddix, Director of Technical Operations at Bugcrowd, is presenting Enumall, the ultimate subdomain tool:
Jason Haddix is presenting Enumall

Marco Lancini, Security Consultant at MWR InfoSecurity, is presenting iOS security testing tool Needle:
Marco Lancini is presenting Needle
The crowd at the Arsenal:
The crowd at the Arsenal

Inspecting drones:
Inspecting drones

Black Hat USA 2016


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