myLG: Open source command line network diagnostic tool

myLG (my Looking Glass) is an open source utility that combines the functions of different network probes into one network diagnostic tool. It comes as a single binary with no dependencies.

command line network diagnostic tool

During his day job, Mehrdad Arshad Rad, the lead developer or myLG, kept seeing network engineers always using different troubleshooting tools. This often lead to delays when searching for the issues, so he started this open source project as a single tool.


  • Popular looking glasses (ping/trace/bgp) like Telia, Level3
  • More than 200 countries DNS Lookup information
  • Local fast ping and trace
  • Packet analyzer – TCP/IP and other packets
  • Local HTTP/HTTPS ping (GET, POST, HEAD)
  • RIPE information (ASN, IP/CIDR)
  • PeeringDB information
  • Port scanning fast
  • Network LAN Discovery
  • Web dashboard
  • Support vi and emacs mode, almost all basic features
  • CLI auto complete and history features.

command line network diagnostic tool

“When it comes to new features, I’d like to enhance IPv6 ability, the packet analyzer and visualizations on the web dashboard. I also plan on adding new commands for finding connectivity and latency issues, as well as a packet generator for testing ACL/firewall/applications,” Rad told Help Net Security.

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