Securing workspaces in a hyperconnected digital era

Enterprises that fail to offer employees a flexible, autonomous, and creative work environment are at risk of not attracting and retaining next-generation talent, according to Dimension Data. Unfortunately, most workspaces are not ready for the cyber threats of tomorrow.

securing workspaces

As more enterprises aspire to create future workspaces and harness the benefits of a mobile workforce that leverage cloud platforms, there’s a greater need to implement appropriate measures to secure data, infrastructures, applications, and users wherever they may reside.

The devices, environment, applications, emerging technologies all connect to the Internet, potentially opening up avenues for cyber criminals to exploit the vulnerabilities of the new workspace.

Smart offices: the Internet of Things brings the Internet of Threats: The IoT-enabled workspaces for the future deliver a degree of control and customisation that was not achievable in the past. However, these smart devices and their hubs could be more susceptible to cyber attacks, as they’re typically designed with only basic security features.

Cyberattacks are mostly undetected: they’re often hiding in encrypted HTTPS traffic, or in legitimate files such as word and PDF.

End users are identified as the weakest link and an internal threat: 54% of security professionals worldwide view phishing / social engineering as one of the two most common threat techniques.

securing workspaces

Cyber criminals could target SaaS platforms: if data in transmission to the cloud is intercepted or residing in the cloud without proper encryption, it becomes an instant gold mine waiting for its discoverers.

Blocking threats through context-aware security analytics: Context-Aware Security Analytics can be used to quickly detect a broad range of advanced attacks such as volumetric DDoS, zero-day malware, and insider threats. Along with continuous lateral monitoring across enterprise networks with user, device and application awareness, the solution accelerates incident response, improves forensic investigations and reduces enterprise risk.

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