New infosec products of the week​: December 2, 2016

Trend Micro offers Deep Security as a Service on AWS Marketplace

Trend Micro announced the availability of Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service on AWS Marketplace. This new Trend Micro offering enables organizations to combine the benefits of security SaaS with the convenience of consolidated payments through their Amazon AWS bill. With per-hour pricing for added protection of Amazon EC2 instances, Deep Security as a Service provides customers a hosted security management experience with rapid delivery of innovations.

Trend Micro

SwiftStack launches new capability to ease hybrid cloud adoption

SwiftStack announced availability of its Cloud Sync capability, which helps companies easily and securely adopt a hybrid cloud strategy in an effort to get the most out of their stored data. Based on defined policies managed privately, data is automatically delivered to where it can best be utilized, within private data centers or in the cloud.


Palo Alto Networks automates cloud security deployment on Amazon Web Services

Palo Alto Networks announced the integration of its VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls with Amazon AWS Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing. Using a combination of AWS Lambda, CloudFormation Templates, and Amazon CloudWatch services, along with bootstrapping and XML API automation features supported by the VM-Series, joint customers can now automatically scale the cyber breach prevention capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform as their AWS workload demands fluctuate.

Palo Alto Networks

Optiv Security updates its proven SaaS-based third-party risk management platform

Optiv Evantix 5.0 is a fully integrated platform that helps organizations identify and manage inherit and residual risk associated with their third parties. The platform was built to allow organizations to scale third-party risk management programs; monitor the risk assessment lifecycle of vendors, suppliers and business associates; and open and track remediation issues associated with those third parties.

Optiv Evantix

Fidelis Cybersecurity shortens response and resolution times for security incidents

Fidelis Cybersecurity announced new time-saving features, enhancements and usability improvements to its Fidelis Endpoint product. Fidelis Endpoint 6.1 shortens the time to investigate and resolve security incidents and provides real-time insights into attackers when they infiltrate your endpoints and hide in your environment.

Fidelis Cybersecurity

Seamless, over-the-air IoT connectivity and secure Provisioning for AWS Cloud

AnyNet Secure from Eseye provides AWS IoT customers with enhanced security and connectivity features that enables IoT devices across the globe to remotely, automatically and securely activate, provision, authenticate and certify ‘things’, over-the-air, and to then ingest data into AWS customers’ clouds.

AnyNet Secure

Core Security releases Core Mobile Reset and Core Access Insight 9.2

Core Security released Core Mobile Reset 1.0 and Core Access Insight 9.2. With the introduction of these solution updates, enterprise security teams will now be able to resolve immediate threats with prognostic analytics applied to the big identity and access data, while also enhancing organizational efficiency.

Core Security

Neurotechnology releases FingerCell 3.0 SDK for fingerprint biometrics

Neurotechnology released FingerCell 3.0, an SDK for fingerprint recognition solutions that run on low-power, low-memory microcontrollers. FingerCell can extract a fingerprint template using less than 128KB of memory, enabling it to be used in compact devices that have limited on-board resources, such as: mobile phones, fingerprint door locks, access control panels, time and attendance systems, handheld payment and point-of-sale terminals.


CA Technologies delivers privileged user governance

CA Technologies announced a new release of CA Identity Suite that includes integration with CA Privileged Access Manager for governance of privileged accounts and new, flexible deployment options for agility, speed and ease-of-use in identity management and access governance.

CA Identity Suite

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