Laws, regulations and contracts that infosec pros should be familiar with

If you’re a white hat and you want to continue being one, knowing what laws and industry regulations allow or not allow (or require or not require) you to do is of crucial importance. It’s also a good idea to know some things about the contracts that may bound you once you sign them (NDA, SoW, etc.), or agree to them (EULA, ToS).

A few days ago, Alex Muentz, a Senior Security Advisor at Seattle-based security consultancy Leviathan Security, did an interesting talk about information security and the law for the audience at BSides Philadelphia.

Muentz is an information security professional as well as a licensed attorney, and he talked about the areas of law that affect infosec practitioners.

Luckily for those who didn’t attend the conference, Adrian Crenshaw (aka Irongeek) recorded the session and released it for all to enjoy:

The first half (or so) of the video is the actual talk, the rest is the (equally interesting) Q&A portion.

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