Easy Solutions launches digital threat protection suite

Today at RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Easy Solutions unveiled its Digital Threat Protection suite. The offering enables organizations with a proactive strategy against fraud by detecting and mitigating attacks aimed at stealing personal information of customers and employees.

digital threat protection suite

Benefits include continuous, machine-learning driven monitoring and analysis of email, web and social media channels and rapid removal of identified threats.

In their report, industry analyst firm Gartner notes that “Too often, enterprises limit the scope of defenses against phishing to employee behavior management. The true scope of phishing threats is far broader. Effective mitigation of phishing risks requires CISOs to take a multipronged approach that spans internal and external environments.” In the report, Gartner lays out five clear recommendations for what organizations should do to deliver comprehensive brand protection.

Easy Solutions delivers on this approach, providing a comprehensive set of services and visibility into brand attacks. Key components of the Digital Threat Protection suite include:

  • Early phishing detection
  • Expedited attack takedown
  • Domain and social media monitoring for impersonation
  • Email fraud protection
  • Rogue mobile application protection
  • Dark Web scanning for stolen/compromised cards
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities in user friendly dashboards.

“Fraudsters are becoming more inventive, and phishing is just the tip of the spear when it comes to attacks that can damage an enterprise’s reputation and brand,” said Ricardo Villadiego, CEO, Easy Solutions. “Not only are we providing multi-faceted brand protection, but now we are also delivering it in one easy to access place, so costumers can have a holistic view of the threats targeting their organization. At Easy Solutions, we are commited to continue to deliver ever more sophisticated, comprehensive offerings to meet our costumers external threat and fraud protection needs.”

RSA Conference 2017

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