NTT Security: Delivering cyber resilience

ntt security cyber resilienceIn this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2017, Garry Sidaway, SVP of Security Strategy & Alliances for NTT Security, talks about the formation of NTT Security and how they deliver cyber resilience by enabling organizations to build high-performing and effective security.

Here’s a transcript of the podcast for your convenience.

On the 1st of August, 2016, we formed NTT Security, with a focus on information security and risk management; and restructuring, really, to provide the focus to our clients on the challenges they’re facing against cyber threats. RSA Conference has confirmed our approach in these changing client needs. Just take a look at the RSAC floor and the complexities that they’re facing in terms of technology choices they have.

Our industry now has a difficulty that our clients face of trying to protect themselves against this increasing cyber threat. But also take a look at the way that businesses are also having that change to maintain their client base, to grow, to adapt to the digital transformation. All of this is putting huge pressure on not only cyber and cyber security, but also the business infrastructure.

Just take a look at sort of the digital transformation, and there’s clearly a need to focus. Focus not only on the cyber threats, but also focus on the business challenges that are out there. And that’s really why NTT have restructured their business, to provide that focus from a cyber resilience perspective – and that’s the focus from NTT Security – but also focus on the business transformation, the workspace of tomorrow.

ntt security cyber resilience

Integrating cyber resilience

If you even just look at how we work today, how we interact, and how we actually look at big data analytics, all of this is putting a different business model. And that’s, really, where we want to integrate cyber resilience into the business applications that our clients are using, and the clients are actually focusing on.

How do they adapt that changing business model? How do they adapt their workspace of tomorrow? Our lives today are generated through small screens. We interact, we socialize, we pay bills through a tiny device. That is really changing the way that businesses work, it’s changing the way we interact with our peers, and our clients, and our customers. And that’s where the cyber threats are coming from.

The focus for NTT Security is around how we address that challenge, how we embed security into the business applications, how we imbed cyber resilience into those applications, and that workspace of tomorrow, and that digital transformation. That focus provides security expertise, but it also provides a managed security service that enables clients to protect themselves, and to be able to react to that changing dynamic and that changing threat.

The way we look at resilience is the ability to protect themselves, to look at how they are agile within their marketplace, and to proactively protect their environment as they embed cyber resilience into their business. That resilience allows them to open up new markets, to be agile in the way that they actually interact with their clients and their customers, to take on new projects and applications. NTT Security’s evolution fits into this emerging concept by securing that digital transformation.

ntt security cyber resilience

Business are transforming

Businesses and our clients are having to transform. Our world is now typically, as I said, a small screen. And that brings different business challenges. The workspace of tomorrow will be very different, integrated with cyber resilience into everything we do, which provides business resilience, the ability for those businesses to be able to adapt new models, to adapt to a much changing environment. That focus is essential for our clients. And that partnership is also important.

The way that NTT look at their business, and the way that NTT are looking at that is as one company. You go to one company to provide the business applications, the infrastructure and the security as one entity.

We’ll continue to collaborate with our clients and our business, and that builds up an integrity that allows us to make the right choices for them, to pick the right solutions for their business needs. And that builds that trust. And that’s, really, where NTT differentiate themselves, is that collaboration with our partners and our peers within the industry, that integrity to deliver those systems, and the quality of those systems, which builds trust in that marketplace.

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