Endpoint Protector 5: Responsive interface and updated eDiscovery module

CoSoSys released Endpoint Protector 5 with updates on the management console which has been redesigned for a modern, user-friendly and responsive experience.

Endpoint Protector

“Endpoint Protector’s content scanning capabilities as well as visibility of sensitive data at rest have been enhanced, providing organizations more control over their Intellectual Property and other critical data,” said Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

The new UI

  • Faster access to certain features, such as DLP blacklists and whitelists, which have been included in the main menu as a separate section
  • Flexibility – IT Administrators are now able to manage policies and check reports from any device, from desktop to tablet due to the responsive console
  • Intuitive design – it is easier to navigate and learn, so Administrators can focus on the actual DLP policies; the new Endpoint Protector interface is functional, simple, but still straightforward.

New features

Besides the upgraded interface, Endpoint Protector 5 provides new features that support companies in having more personalized DLP policies and in managing their licenses and their queries to the Support Team more efficiently:

  • Option to import files with up to 50,000 entries for Custom Content Dictionaries
  • Extended eDiscovery capabilities to cover a broad spectrum of sensitive data and endpoints
  • Notification bar alerting about new available features, licenses status, and other important events
  • Integrated Support section with options to include system information, server information and an e-mail copy when writing to the Support Team; support tickets are now visible directly in the Support section of the management interface for easier access.

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