Whitepaper: Confronting advanced threats as an organization

This whitepaper is no longer available.

Global cybersecurity issues have gone mainstream, but email security has curiously slipped by the wayside despite the fact that 91% of today’s targeted attacks start with email. What’s more, while email security should be central in any cybersecurity strategy, most emerging businesses think they are too small to be targeted. Still, 30% of users open phishing messages each year, and SMBs are actually the chief target of most cybercriminals.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn what email security threats are most common for emerging businesses today, as well as what innocuous behaviors and habits are most dangerous, and how cyber criminals use social engineering tactics to exploit them for their own profit.

With all that at play, you’ll also discover how a majority of these threats can be addressed simply and easily, while also providing complete continuity, archiving and compliance for your email systems.

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