Win a security gap assessment from NTT Security at Black Hat

This year at Black Hat 2017, NTT Security is focusing on incident response readiness: one lucky show participant will win a thorough security gap assessment from the NTT Security Incident Response team valued at approximately $15,000 based on 40 hours of professional services.

security gap assessment

Robust response plans are key to minimizing damage and liability

“The recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks on global infrastructure highlight the importance of having a robust incident response program in place before a cyber incident occurs,” said Susan Carter, Senior Manager Threat intelligence and Incident Response Services at NTT Security.

“The only way to ensure such a program is successful it to have someone from the executive staff to champion the effort and guarantee investment in tools, people and time for training. Black Hat is the perfect environment to stimulate further discussion on this critical need, and to discuss preventive measures and response planning so organizations can be better protected.”

NTT Security’s extensive portfolio of IT security services fall into three categories: Strategic Consulting, Managed Security and Technical Consulting. Whether applied independently or in combination, NTT Security provides the foundation for a purpose- built MSS platform encompassing advanced analytics and globally implemented threat intelligence supported by experienced IT security experts.

The company has 10 SOCs, seven R&D centers, over 1,500 security experts and handles hundreds of thousands of security incidents annually across six continents.

How to register for the giveaway?

Company representatives who wish to enter for a chance to win the consulting engagement are invited to visit booth #1854 on July 26th or 27th and complete the short survey and registration form.

The Swimming with the Sharks promotion gap assessment giveaway will provide the winning organization with an overall validation of their security program, including:

  • Senior management approval/buy-in
  • Team structure, identification and contact information
  • Organizational approach to incident response
  • On-call information
  • Team role definitions
  • Authority for IR team to confiscate or disconnect equipment
  • Communication channels and alternatives
  • Incident classification/severity rating guidelines
  • Requirements for reporting certain types of incidents
  • Performance metrics for measuring the program, training frequency and requirements
  • Various forms to help with collecting information, documenting communications and steps taken, and to assist in report creation
  • Technical processes, techniques, checklists and Forms (SOPs)
  • External communication and information sharing procedures with ISP, vendors, law enforcement, media and other incident response teams
  • Review/testing requirements.

More details about the prize can be had here.

Experts from NTT Security and its affiliated companies (NTT Communications, NTT DATA and Dimension Data) will be available for consultation at the booth.

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