New infosec products of the week​: December 15, 2017

EventTracker 9: New UI and faster threat hunting

EventTracker released a new version of its SIEM, which enables faster threat hunting and simplified compliance auditing. The new platform, EventTracker 9, improves productivity instantly with a modern interface that is intuitive and customizable; enhances common workflows with more efficient storage and search technology; and expands its capability to scale to the very large and diverse data sets needed for today’s enterprise IT infrastructures.

infosec products december 15 2017

Digital Safe 10: Next-generation information risk management

Micro Focus announced Digital Safe 10 to enable customers to mitigate information-borne risk stemming from the surge in regulatory, government and privacy mandates, including the GDPR. With Digital Safe 10, customers can refine and extend their information archiving strategies and address SEC, Dodd-Frank, HIPPA, FTC, FDA, MiFID II, GDPR, and many more regulatory requirements.


Cloud-native solution for in-app mobile policy enforcement

Blue Cedar introduced Enforce, a mobile app security solution that enables customers to secure existing mobile apps automatically using in-app embedded controls that enforce a broad range of security policies, including those governing mobile access, data encryption, and attestation, among others. Additionally, users can now enjoy the benefits of greater modularity and the nimbleness of cloud-native architecture.

infosec products december 15 2017

End-to-end automotive authentication with zero network overhead

Karamba Security’s SafeCAN is the automotive industry’s first cybersecurity solution to offer in-vehicle network authentication with zero network overhead. It can be implemented without overtaxing the car’s internal communications to protect and authenticate CAN bus communications. It enables automobile manufacturers to seamlessly harden the networks to secure the car’s safety systems. There is no need to change network protocols, or add any additional network packets to ensure the authenticity of source-destination authentication and overall in-vehicle network authentication.

infosec products december 15 2017

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