New infosec products of the week​: February 9, 2018

Protect network, IoT, ICS, and SCADA devices from privilege-based attacks

BeyondTrust announced a privilege management solution for network, IoT, ICS, and SCADA devices. PowerBroker for Networks is an agentless solution that controls what commands users can run, records sessions, alerts, and provides a complete audit trail of user activity on network devices via the command line.

infosec products February 2018

Lifecycle management for groups and persistent listing from AD

Hitachi ID Systems released version 11 of its Identity and Access Management Suite. This release introduces group lifecycle management across integrated systems and applications. These enhancements simplify authentication and access privilege administration, ensuring appropriate levels of security while minimizing management efforts and related costs.

infosec products February 2018

IOGEAR launches series of TAA-compliant, NIAP-Certified Secure KVM Switches

IOGEAR’s new Secure KVM Switches are NIAP-certified to provide maximum information security while sharing a single keyboard, mouse, speaker set, and CAC reader between as many as eight computers. Hardware security includes tamper-evident seals, active chassis intrusion detection, and tamper-proof hardware. Software security includes restricted USB connectivity, meaning non-HIDs (Human Interface Devices) are ignored when switching.

infosec products February 2018

Cylance updates their prevention-first security solutions

Cylance announced new releases of their prevention focused security products, delivering capabilities designed to decrease the noise and clutter of the security stack. CylancePROTECT includes a set of interactive dashboards and reports enable users to maintain constant security situational awareness and share that information with others in their organization. CylanceOPTICS features customized threat hunting. Users can now edit and create advanced threat hunting capabilities to meet their security needs.


Waratek runtime agent protects apps from known vulnerabilities

A new lightweight runtime plugin agent that applications to be protected from known flaws—including long-term unpatched vulnerabilities – without any code changes or taking an application out of production. Waratek Patch, an agent for Java- and .NET-based applications, allows users to easily create and apply custom patches based on scanning tools. Routine updates from Oracle, Microsoft, Apache and other software developers can also be deployed using functional-equivalent “virtual” patches that operate just like a physical binary without delay and the risk of breaking an application.

infosec products February 2018

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