Hybrid data storage is growing rapidly in the digital workplace

82% of businesses are currently deploying a mix of cloud and on- premises infrastructure. Egnyte analyzed over 14 petabytes of data across thousands of businesses worldwide to better understand the trends around the content that is being stored, shared, and collaborated on.

hybrid data storage

The analysis uncovered a number of trends, including:

  • Businesses have increased their storage footprint by 55% YoY
  • The average file size for all businesses in 2018 is 3.13 MB, up from 2.59 MB in 2015 (20% growth YoY)
  • Video storage increased by 43% YoY
  • The Media & Entertainment industry is averaging over 7.7 MB per file.

hybrid data storage

Hybrid data storage deployments provide businesses with flexibility, combining the mobility of the cloud with the performance and security of on-premises infrastructure.

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