FileCloud introduces metadata system for content discovery

FileCloud announced content discovery capabilities with metadata tagging features to empower enterprise organizations to organize and search files more fluidly.

“FileCloud enables enterprises to securely organize and collaborate on information across any private, public or hybrid cloud,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO, FileCloud. “Metadata support is a comprehensive feature that unites critical content management capabilities with discovery to address day to day use cases in any industry.”

Enterprises using traditional folder and file hierarchies struggle to organize files, discover content, and manage context associated with files. FileCloud metadata system allows users to define and store custom data associated with their files.

Later these metadata can be used for seamless content discovery when needed. FileCloud provides flexibility around content discovery including pre-defined attributes such as list items, integers, decimals, dates and boolean.

Other benefits include:

  • Organize files fluidly: Instead of browsing through files spread across hundreds of folders, customers can organize files using metadata. For example, a marketing analyst can filter via the metadata attribute ‘website’ and view all the files spread across many folders.
  • Audit and data governance: Monitor if security tagged files are shared with wrong permissions. This can reduce the risk of data leakage and provides better data governance. For instance, if a metadata set defines the security level of a group of files as high, medium or low, administrators can search across all files labeled ‘high’ and perform an audit.
  • Find files faster: Search and content discovery often requires a file’s specific name to locate. When a user doesn’t know the exact name of the file needed, it can be a time-consuming process. With broad metadata capabilities, users can locate files easily searching metadata associated with files.

FileCloud is an advanced, scalable and growing platform that solves the needs of large enterprise organizations. Metadata tagging is available now.

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