Denim group’s ThreadFix provides application security scalability to the enterprise

Denim Group announced the availability of the latest version of ThreadFix, the company’s application vulnerability resolution platform for developers and security professionals.

ThreadFix 2.6 offers customers the ability to actively maintain a high volume of applications, while exponentially reducing automated scanner findings, saving time and helping security teams focus on remediating the most important vulnerabilities.

With enterprises onboarding thousands of applications, vulnerabilities have the capacity to reach millions within a single organization. ThreadFix’s latest performance enhancements allow for enterprises to onboard more applications with the higher frequency of scans per day required by organizations shifting security testing “left” into DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

ThreadFix utilizes a combination of automation, threat modeling, manual security testing, and manual code review to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing an organization’s overall exposure.

“We are very proud of the advancements made to ThreadFix and are excited to offer our enterprise customers the ability to reduce their vulnerabilities, en masse, in order to achieve actionable results,” said CTO of Denim Group, Dan Cornell. “With our latest enhancements to the platform, we have seen customers reporting productivity gains of 2x-5x from their ThreadFix use and integration, fulfilling our mission of enabling our clients to build more secure software, faster.”

ThreadFix 2.6 merges and deduplicates vulnerabilities from multiple scan engines, thereby decreasing automated scanner findings by 15-35% on average, with some examples reaching 50%. Additionally, the updated version is able to ingest 100 vulnerability scans in under 9 minutes. Managers can now more effectively use existing tools to save time and minimize reporting noise.

The ThreadFix dashboards allow application-level views of vulnerability trends, most vulnerable applications, and recent scan activity and collaboration. ThreadFix accelerates application security from vulnerability identification to remediation, securing applications up to 40% faster.

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