CyberMap: Live map of Israel’s cybersecurity ecosystem

During CyberWeek 2018, YL Ventures launched CyberMap, the first live map of Israel’s cybersecurity ecosystem.


The live landscape enables interactive filtering based on: company category, funding stage, and more.

Unlike other industry guides and infographics, CyberMap is flexible, and constantly updated. It allows for continued relevance and wider applicability. Additionally, YL Ventures have curated the list of source data to only include companies they’ve determined are active and engaged.

CyberMap is designed to be relevant to a wide cross-section of the cybersecurity industry:

  • Entrepreneurs will be able to identify new trends and greenfield opportunities as well as learn about their competitors
  • Investors will be able to connect with novel startups they might otherwise have never heard of
  • Security practitioners will be able to shop around for unique services
  • Large companies will be able to pinpoint ideal acquisition targets.

Essentially, CyberMap’s main goal is to enable entrepreneurs, investors and analysts to generate their own insights, identify new opportunities and make better business decisions. YL Ventures hopes the these capabilities will ultimately grow the Israeli (and eventually the global) cybersecurity industry as a whole.

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